Kinesiology brings the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Sciences and Muscle Testing combined to get to the heart of what’s troubling you. Helping to restore self-esteem, empower you and restore your body, mind and soul back to balance.

I use a form of Kinesiology called Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology together with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Reiki, Emotional and Intuitive Counselling, Channelling, Essential Oils for Emotional Healing, and Dietary and Lifestyle and Health and Fitness advice. I am a member of the AKA Australian Kinesiology Association and possess a Cert IV in Fitness.


Kinesiology uses the technique of “Muscle Testing or Muscle Monitoring” to evaluate and educate the body’s nervous system with new information as a person moves towards a more integrated state of being by identifying the underlying cause of a condition and treating the person as a whole rather than just the symptoms.

Drawing on the neurological loop of the muscle and movement system to gain information on the cause of an illness or issue and the principle that the body knows what it needs to restore balance.

We can then identify what correction the body needs in order to heal itself and what it needs treating in what order. Based on this principle and the wholistic nature of kinesiology, you may find that clearing the priority issue may actually solve other seemingly unrelated problems you may be experiencing too!

Kinesiology incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine and western science but staying true to its ancient philosophy which maintains that when we encounter stress or trauma, it is stored in the body in our cellular memory. These stresses can affect the body’s rhythmic flow or (Chi), it may also affect how our body systems all communicate with each other, leaving us feeling ‘out of balance’.

The Kinesiology Practitioner can tap into these cellular memories, bringing them to awareness, releasing and unravelling old belief and stress patterns that have been preventing us from moving forward. Bringing awareness to these old patterns and belief systems gives us the potential to experience major shifts and transform lives. If these stress patterns are left untreated they have the potential to manifest into Dis-ease and illness.

Kinesiology is well known for its ability to create change through all aspects of our selves:

• Depression
• Fears & Confusion
• Past Trauma
• Repatterning Subconscious Beliefs
• Learning Difficulties
• Behavioural Issues
• Confidence & Self Esteem
• Work Performance
• Goal Setting & Manifesting

• Tiredness & Fatigue
• Food Allergies & Sensitivities
• Physical Pain Reduction
• Improving Mobility
• Dietary & Digestive Issues
• Fertility
• Personal & Spiritual Growth
• Overall Wellbeing
• Weight Management
• Insomnia

• Overwhelm
• Anxiety
• Phobias & Fears
• Grief, Loss & Sadness
• Relationship Issues
• Past Emotional Patterning

• Are you interested in learning more about your health and well-being and explore what is blocking your body’s ability to heal itself?
• Would you like to be able to make choices from a calm, centred perspective?
• Would you like to understand what is causing your emotional or physical pain?
• Is it time to leave your past traumas, fear, grief and depression behind you?
• Would you like to learn why you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, or get more clarity around an issue and learn how to clear it for good?
• Do you want to feel more confident, enjoy life more and attract more positive and deeply fulfilling relationships?

….Then Kinesiology is for you!

During each session, I use muscle testing, and techniques derived from Chinese Medicine philosophy melded with modern neuro-science, energy & crystal healing.

I assist you with connecting to your higher self, also using Crystal healing techniques to assist you to open up to your soul’s journey, lessons and areas that require attention and correction.

Each session is powerful, nurturing and restorative, leaving you feeling much lighter, clearer and relaxed.

As we are all connected energetically, Online Sessions works exactly the same as in clinic appointments, no matter where you may be in the world.

During each session, I use surrogate muscle testing, meaning I muscle test myself on your behalf whilst being tuned into your energy.

I will guide you through the session, as we work together to perform corrections and restore balance. Each session is powerful, nurturing, and restorative, leaving you feeling much lighter, clearer and relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

Adults 1 hour
Children 30 Mins

It’s common to feel shifts and changes during the session and within the immediate days afterwards. Most clients leave feeling an immediate sense of connectedness, calmness and with a much clearer understanding of what is needed to regain balance and the clarity and confidence to move forward with ease and grace.

Get in touch today for a quick discovery chat if you're on the fence and have any questions for me.